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The Guest Curator: Hattie Fox

We’re excited to introduce our latest Guest Curator, Hattie Fox, the floral and plant design expert behind the beautifully curated @hattieflower. With a Fine Art degree in her pocket, there’s no question that Hattie’s flower arrangements are works of art in their own right. She takes inspiration from photographic compositions and the colour palettes in her favourite paintings, resulting in spectacular and dynamic displays.

Here she gives us her tips for artful bouquets and selects her favourite Partnership Editions artworks inspired by the ever-changing blooms.


Favourite artwork of all time?

Jules de Balincourt - Sanctuary

Best tip for making your flower arrangements look like a work of art?

I would use lots of varying colours and flowers with contrasting textures and arrange them at multiple different heights in a non-symmetrical format.

Favourite flowers for festive arrangements?

I prefer to keep festive arrangements simple so all one type of berry or all one type of pine or foliage.

What is something you can’t live without?

Probably my leatherman or coffee! It's a close call.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I love being outside and I really love being outside in Portugal near Porto Covo, it has amazing walks and cycle paths, plus the beach. It's great for us outdoors people.


Website - hattieflower.co.uk
Instagram - @hattieflower
Photography by @sarahvictoriabates

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