The Guest Curator: Leanne Kilroy

Hi! I’m Leanne, an American living in London with my husband and three daughters. I’ve always been a homebody with a keen sense of design so once we bought our home, I started the Instagram account @GoodBonesLondon to document our slow renovation and tap into the support and advice from the wonderful online community of home renovators. I began to share what I learned as well as my design work and it eventually turned into a much bigger online community as well as a small but mighty interior design studio that brings me so much joy. 


A tip for spotting art and decor hidden treasures?
Keep your eyes open! As someone who’s never had any real budget for art or decor, I find things I love in so many places, from online auctions to my parents’ basement. And don’t be afraid to pounce if you love something. The best things are often unique and may pass you by! 

How do you combine antiques with contemporary art?
Just like beautiful, well-made furniture – artwork transcends trends and styles. The feeling and scale of pieces are often the things that I look to when deciding what “goes” with what. Plus, when you have a collection of beautiful things, it’s easy to move things around and create spaces that feel new.  

If Good Bones was an artwork what would it be?
Good Bones would be an abstract, energetic, oversized painting in a classic gilt frame. I really love Drenched by Molly Van Amerongen for the drama and the scale.

A design motto to live by?
Choose only what you love. 

Can’t live without?
Good cheese, a firm mattress, a sharp knife, and lots and lots of plants.


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