The Artist Open Call Winners


We're very excited to announce the Partnership Editions Artist Open Call winners. We had over 350 applicants all of an incredibly high standard, so making this edit was not easy, and we are so grateful to all those who took the time to apply.

Alongside our founder, Georgia Spray, we called on our selection committee of tastemakers: Yomi Adegoke, Writer; Mollie E Barnes, independent curator and founder of The Residency; Katarina Matsson, editor at Elle Decoration Sweden and podcast host; Claudia del Olmo Russo, founder of Casa Balandra. They've used their expertise and excellent eye to help us unearth and shine a light on new talent.

Meet our 23 winners and discover our panelists' favourite things about their work below. 

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Kayoon Anderson was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1997. After studying architecture at the University of Cambridge, she completed a painting course at Siena Art Institute before returning to England. She reached the semi-final of SkyArts Portrait Artist of the Year programme, encouraging her to pursue a diploma in portraiture at Heatherley School of Art which she recently completed, now focusing on figurative work in her studio in London.

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"Kayoon's work is breathtaking in its technical ability. I love how elements are crisply in focus whilst others more blurry giving a wonderful sense of movement, yet they are grounded within strong architectural spaces and lines." - Georgia Spray



Dessy Baeva is a Bulgarian artist and a musician living and creating in London. She studied maths and physics in high school and then moved to the UK to chase her dreams as an artist. Dessy completed a course in Illustration in Southampton Solent University and followed a career in commercial illustration after.

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"I love the spirituality of Dessy’s work, and the way they explore a meaning beyond our own world." - Mollie E Barnes



Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Francisca has lived for short and long periods in Chile, Argentina, Spain and New Zealand, moving around as a natural way of searching for answers, experiences, explorations and meanings among other vital things in life. Her work intends to connect the experience and subjective knowledge of whats outside with her own life experience in terms of emotional baggage related to trauma, joy, fear, etc.

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"Francisca’s work is completely wild and completely free. They are so gloriously natural in form and fluidity." - Mollie E Barnes



Ali Bassett is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Cornwall. Ali completed a foundation in fine art at Cheltenham, later completing a Fine Art degree at Spike Island in Bristol. She has exhibited across Cornwall, Oxford, Somerset, Bristol and London. Working on canvas, pieces are stitched together in a patchwork of imagery, figuration and pattern allowing her to gently tell stories which she likes to be relatable to all.

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"I love the way that Ali stitches onto the canvas, drawing on folklore and folk art. Her works are at once naive and knowing, there is an underlying narrative across her work inviting the viewer to consider and appreciate man's relationship with nature." - Georgia Spray



Elena completed an Art Foundation in her hometown of Falmouth, going on to study at Chelsea College of Art, graduating in 2019. After this, she moved to Berlin for a year to find an alternative art scene to London. This new perspective informed her practice, taking her in a new direction and allowing her to work on commissions, collaborations and projects. Her process and approach to painting is slow and meditative. She says "I try to balance stillness with movement of marks and shapes."

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"Elena's work has a beautiful softness to it. I am immediately drawn to her subtle use of colour and form which dance across the canvas like leaves blowing in the wind" - Georgia Spray



Georgia Beaumont is a UK based painter. Her work explores her own coming-of-age and the intuitive female spirit, using her practice as a tool to become ever more acquainted with her internal creative life-force. The joyous feeling of the works and dancing botanical forms are apparent as a celebration of life itself. For this reason, observing from life and capturing the spirit of nature, its symbolism and its solace in its cyclical constancy is essential to her practice.

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"I love the rich tones and patterns in Georgia's work. Her organic forms have a life of their own, like serpents bursting out of the canvas." - Georgia Spray



Morag is interested in what links us together, maintaining a figurative and portrait based practice focusing on routine and automatic behaviour within relatable, resting imagery that has a sense of more than one day being described at a time. The work seeks to describe our familiarities and authentic nature of ourselves through candid posture, body language and expressions, as a crowd or an individual. Sometimes this is explored by direct representation in the form of a portrait, and other times the work is more lucid and colours and shapes make up the expressive qualities in her paintings.

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"I found myself a bit obsessed with Morag's evocative and arresting portraits, how they said so much about each subject with so little. She is definitely one to watch in this industry!" - Yomi Adegoke



Flora is a painter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started painting when she was a child - her mother had her own studio at home so she had the chance to explore this world since she was very young. Her first works were record covers and art designs for musicians. Both these influences inform the subtle undertone of her imagery which may be described as “melodic”, imbued with inference to musical notes in both the form and composition of Castiglia’s organic portrayals. In her works she mixes geometric aspects of nature and dreamlike spaces.

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"I enjoy the scratchy imperfections of Flora's works - the loose paint splatters and the mix of textures are an interesting contrast to the more intentional grid formations and carefully crafted compositions, which work well as a single piece or an entire series." - Georgia Spray



Jessica is a British artist who trained at Kingston University and then The Royal Drawing School, and now teaches there. Her work is inspired by children's books and fairytales, perhaps a result of growing up with a poet for a father, who encouraged her love of art from an early age.

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"The abstract figures and the way they interact with the colour strokes feel very female. I feel Jessica expresses womanhood through her figures and they feel somehow comforting to me." - Claudia del Olmo Russo



Julianna Chioma is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Asheville, NC. She oscillates between painting, collage, sculpture, textile, and performance to drive inquiries surrounding ideas on perception, reality, identity, and the processes involved in healing. They’re interested in how these variables converge and interact with one another to influence human behavior, and how their own identity is implicated in society.

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"I loved the boldness of Julianna's works. Her pieces are bright and fun, and I can imagine that they would immediately bring life to any space." - Yomi Adegoke



Georgina is a British-born artist based in Wiltshire. Having gained her BFA at Parsons, The New School in both Paris and New York, she returned to London and started studying part-time at what was then Lavender Hill Studios (now London Fine Art Studios) who provide formal training in traditional techniques of oil painting and drawing. This mixture of contemporary and traditional training has a huge influence on her work today.

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"I’ve not seen works like Georgina’s before. Rendered in a candy palette, the often grand spaces feel contrastingly intimate and whimsical." - Mollie E Barnes



Suhaylah is a compulsive note-taker in many forms – writing, sketching, collecting objects, recording sounds and images – a practice which combined itself quite naturally with a love of walking and hiking since childhood. To Suhaylah, making art is an extension of this. Studying both Environmental Geography and Comparative Literature at university created a greater curiosity for these already deeply ruminative practices, steeped in symbolism. 

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"Suhaylah’s work stood out immediately for the fluidity of the strokes, the dreamlike quality of the palette and almost ecstatic use of light." - Mollie E Barnes

"Suhaylah is a supreme talent and her surreal, ethereal images stayed with me for a long time. They're dreamy, transportive and just gorgeous." - Yomi Adegoke

"Suhayla's work seems to represent the dimensions seen in nature, interpreted through the artists eyes. Using colours and often ethereal figures, her work breathes a sense of magical realism that I love." - Claudia del Olmo Russo



Harriet Hoult is a British born artist, currently working from her studio in West London. She has spent time living and painting in Cornwall, which has had a strong influence on her work. During her time in Cornwall she attended Newlyn Art School and was mentored by ceramicist and artist Sandy Brown. Her paintings have been shown in galleries, art fairs and private collections in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US. Her painting is process-led with materiality and colour at the heart. 

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"Her paired back, discreetly layered, multimedia pieces offers a moment of rest while touching on deep emotions." - Katarina Matsson



Isabel is a multi-media artist who recently completed The Drawing Year at The Royal Drawing School, working across painting, printmaking, drawing and installations. Her work investigates the ways in which memories and dreams function and connect to our everyday lived experiences. She is interested in what constitutes a real, waking space and how this can weave reality and fiction together.

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"Isabel is full of surprises. With the technical ability of a classical landscape artist, she wants us to look at her work as a whole - like scenes from a film. Bucolic scenes turn into nightmarish ones when night draws in, and looming shadows and distorted shapes enter into her work, becoming more and more abstracted." - Georgia Spray



Rebecca Hourdaki is an architect and visual artist born in 1988, in Athens. She grew up in Spain, where she completed her studies in Architecture and Fine Arts in the European University of Madrid. In her work, Rebecca seeks to connect the spectator with her immediate surroundings. Her themes are focused on day-to-day objects or sceneries that provide a feeling of effortless familiarity.

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"Rebecca's work feels relatable. It captures every day moments, moments we capture with our phones, and transforms them into a format that feels more permanent, more significant than the daily snaps we take and don't think twice about." - Claudia del Olmo Russo



Mina Katebi is an artist living in Iran, Tehran. In the summer of 2014 she completed a Master of Art on Islamic Art and Persian Painting at TMU in Tehran. She has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in the US, Italy, Germany, Poland, Finland (residency program), Dubai and Tehran. Heavily inspired by Iranian carpets and their motifs, she decided to unload them on canvas. An integral part of her work is the tension between what is seen and what lies hidden beneath the surface.

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"Like vivid bridges between the past and the present, Katebi’s mesmerizing patterns transcend time and awakens imagination" - Katarina Matsson

"Mina’s work is utterly compelling - a mystery. As the artist says, works are constructed, then deconstructed." - Mollie E Barnes



Brendan works in a very quiet, peaceful studio. In the summer with the windows open he can hear the ducks in the city farm over the road, and the conversations of people passing in the street. He has been painting for more than 20 years, and has explored many styles and subjects over that time, showing work widely in galleries across the UK.

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"Trivial, everyday situations take on a higher, and sometimes humorous, meaning when Lancaster zooms in on them. Even when we think we have nothing to say, our hands are speaking." - Katarina Matsson



After graduating with a first class BA in Design in 2013, Colette LaVette left to travel the world, eventually returning to her home town to dedicate more time to her practice. At the centre of both her personal life and art practice is her passion for sustainability, as well as her interest in geological and biological history and psychological cause and effect that transcends time.

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"I love Colette's attention to detail and texture. I felt transported into a type of elysian dream with each piece of hers" - Yomi Adegoke



Soru Lee is an artist and illustrator of picture books, based in Seoul, South Korea. She is interested in creating metaphorical content that focuses on the relationship between nature and the human psyche. In the way that children themselves experience the world around them, the images that she creates are intended to be intuitive. Her work is inspired by her deeply personal experiences with nature. Often spending time walking in the woods, these encounters allows her to dig a little deeper into her ego.

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"Soru's uncomplicated, beautiful works had a tranquil quality about them that I was drawn to. I could instantly see them up in my house." - Yomi Adegoke

"The softness and vagueness of Soru´s paintings and subjects allow the viewer to create their own stories and un-fog the images from their own imagination. I´m very drawn to Soru´s work because it transports me into a story." - Claudia del Olmo



Holly Loader is a mixed media artist and painter living and working in Brighton. She received her BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2003. Having established a career within the arts she returned to her solo practice in 2020 with a series of mercurial landscapes titled ‘Changes in the Instant’. Replicating the ancient practice of tempera painting, Holly sources and collects materials including lapis lazuli, wood ash, ultramarine and chalk and mixes the paint by hand.

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"Her experiments with ancient techniques result in ethereal landscapes filled with movement and mood." - Katarina Matsson



Stephanie Maeseele is a Flemish painter living and working in Ghent where she received her MA degree from the LUCA School of Arts in 2008. She explores different ways to combine imagery in collage form as a method to challenge perceptions. The pictorial manifestations are generated in layers so that the result can be seen as a deconstructive tool designed to undermine the certainty of appearances.

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"Maeseele’s vivid use of color and removed perspectives puts the viewer in a surrealist state in between dream and awakeness." - Katarina Matsson



Ifada Nisa is a self-taught artist based in Indonesia. Her degree in Architecture has shaped how she views spaces, both literally and metaphorically. Chairs and landscapes feature as the two predominant subjects in her work, coexisting to create a setting that echoes the stillness of spaces. The two interweave to capture a moment that is made by humans, lived by humans and then left by humans too. She sees her work as a tool to communicate with her inner world and relay to the viewer through the means of storytelling.

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"Ifada’s works are so vast. They seem to tell a beautiful, mysterious story." - Mollie E Barnes

"Nisa’s surrealist landscapes turns objects into subjects, leaving us with probing questions. What has happened here?" - Katarina Matsson

"Quirky, playful and distinctive - Ifada's portfolio had everything I tend to look for in works. I loved the stories she was able to tell so effortlessly with her pieces." - Yomi Adegoke



Jessica Palermo’s work explores the emotions attached to defining life events and their inevitable transience. Motherhood, womanhood, and sexuality are some of the key themes represented through abstract figurations, suggesting the fundamental human process of erasure and reinvention. The combination of Palermo’s gestural brushstrokes and rhythmic layers of colour result in a deliberate union between both the ephemeral and abiding aspects of memory.

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"I love the boldness in the colours and the free use of them in Jessicas paintings. I’m especially drawn to her figures and her ¨paintings within a painting¨, it feels like you’re looking at her work from within her work, inviting me to stop and admire for a little longer." - Claudia del Olmo Russo

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