The Open Call Winners


We're very excited to announce the Partnership Editions Home Open Call winners. We had over 210 applicants all of an incredibly high standard, so making this edit was not easy, and we are so grateful to all those who took the time to apply.

Our selection committee has chosen 12 winning artists across the world of textiles, ceramics and weaving to join our roster of makers and to help us build the future of Partnership Editions Home.

Alongside our founder, Georgia Spray, our selection committee is made up of designers, artists and tastemakers in the interiors and homeware space - each looking offering a unique angle on their selection. They have used their expertise and excellent eye to help us unearth and shine a light on new talent.

Meet our winners and discover our panelists' favourite things about their work below. 



Bec Kirby is a Manchester-based textile artist. Working across a variety of mediums, her practices include tufting, sewing, drawing and painting. Bec’s body of work comprises of a series of cushions, wall-hangings and soft-tapestry blankets. Drawing influence from recurring hallucinations she suffered with as a child, along with notions of death, loss and grief, her tapestries are a stark contrast to her phantoms. Her work evokes question and wonder, each piece woven with its own integral story. Each tufted piece is handcrafted in her studio, using responsibly sourced materials. She says “I work with dead-stock yarn, disused by the textile industry, destined for land-fill. I re-purpose this yarn and weave it into homeware pieces that are going to be cherished for years to come.”



"I loved the use of texture in Bec’s work. Her wall hangings really resonated with me from a visual perspective but its also great to see designers thinking responsibly about their materials." - Ruby Kean 

"For me, Bec’s work was a clear front runner. I believe that versatility and subtleness go a long way in forming solid foundations in the design world, but paring that with personality and a shared personal experience truly make for timeless designs."- Christian Bense


Bellamy Jean is a textile artist and designer specialising in original and bespoke embroidery. Each piece is hand drawn and embroidered freehand using an Industrial Irish embroidery machine, meaning that every embroidery is unique. She likes to use linen as its natural aesthetic gives her pieces a depth other materials don’t provide. Following a short course at The London Embroidery Studio which introduced her to freehand machine embroidery, she bought an Industrial Irish embroidery machine - now integral to her process. She likes the idea that her cushions and wall hangings can be affordable and functional works of art that people can live with in their homes.



"I really enjoy the way Bellamy creates artworks directly onto homewares using freehand machine embroidery - the home is her canvas and the possibilities are endless…" - Georgia Spray

"To say I enjoy embroidery and appliqué would be an understatement. The celestial meets nature meets historic elements that we see in Bellamy’s work ensure that the pieces don’t use feel like your regular embroidered cushion or lampshade, instead you feel like you can be following along a storyline that gets more intricate the more you look." - Abisola Omole


Catherine is a French Canadian quilt maker and textile artist living and working in South London. She learned how to sew from her mother and started experimenting with fabrics by sewing bed linens and kitchen textiles. In 2008 she left a career in academia and took on quilting, and has been making quilts full time for the last 5 years. Her work reflects a deep love of textiles, colour and abstract, minimalist art that she channels in every quilt.



"I was at first very drawn to Catherine’s colour palette. Designers who’s work I can imagine in an interior straight away are always exciting to discover, charmed by her sheer pieces, I instantly imagined alternative and exciting window treatments,  light shining through her palette and bold compositions." - Ruby Kean

"The colours that Catherine uses are superb. They will bring warmth and beauty into the home, either adding to a layered space or gently infusing colour into a calm surrounding. When stitched together, they sing." - Charlie Porter


Chelsea is an artist based in East London who trained at Edinburgh College of Art. Her practice has developed from an appreciation for the shape, colour and texture of everyday objects, often exploring the boundaries between function and non-function. Her most recent work combines her love of both drawing and the handmade.


"Chelsea’s meticulous attention to detail has always impressed me. Her pieces combine art and function whilst repurposing veneer offcuts that would otherwise be thrown away. Her passion for conscious creativity is vital in discovering new ways to salvage waste materials in our fight for a circular economy.” - Roddy Clarke

"I love when I’m surprised by someone’s work and when exploring Chelsea’s pieces, I realised that I hadn’t seen anything like them before. Seeing the creative way she manipulated wood to create items you can find around the house like mirrors and frames was truly fun to discover and I know a lot of people will enjoy these pieces as I do." - Abisola Omole


Freyja Lee is an artist, maker and new mother. She comes from a family of practicing artists and together with her Steiner education, her imagination was nurtured from an early age. After studying drawing and print at Falmouth University, Freyja travelled extensively, living and working in India, Mexico, Eastern and central Europe, Israel and the US. These cultural experiences have deeply influenced Freyja’s creative practice and now inform her need to make.

Currently Freyja collaborates with potter Tilly Young, of Washfield pottery in Devon. She paints her expressive designs, with slip and sgraffito on Tilly’s exquisite earthenware ceramics.


"In order for me to want a piece in my spaces, they need to look as if they hold a story. I love when things make you feel nostalgic, even when you can’t pinpoint the memory, when a piece can make you feel a sense of melancholic dreaminess, you know it’s something very special and that’s how I felt about Freyja’s pieces. The intentional use of darker tones, weathered base colours and impressionist like illustrations made Freyja my favourite." - Abisola Omole


Gabriella Picone is a New York based artist working in painting, ceramics, and textiles. Her practice is fueled by her exploration of materials and by her creative upbringing in both Sicily and in New York. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting and in 2019 founded idda Studio. Meaning “her” in Sicilian dialect, idda studio celebrates the mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, aunt and friend. Drawing inspiration from the history and traditions of Sicily, idda studio combines contemporary painting and classical storytelling to create wearable works of art. The ultra soft silk and cotton is delicately produced in Italy and features her original paintings.


"I love the way that Idda brings a painterly and whimsical approach to objects for the home. Her motifs that reference her heritage transport me immediately to a sunny mediterranean table, and I can picture many happy meals at a table adorned with her wonderful, artistic linens." - Georgia Spray

"I loved the use of colour, the boldness of the pieces and I love how easy you can utilise Gabriella’s art onto different canvases around the house, be it a rug, towel, cushion — it’s always cool to see when art can truly transcend mediums" - Abisola Omole



Julia Villamonte is a weaver based in Milan focusing on functional home items and decorative objects. She was born and raised in Bicol, a region in the Philippines with a crafting culture and is prone to typhoons and storms. She learned how to weave from weaving communities in her hometown. Her background and training as an architect instilled in her an approach that starts from macro to the micro level which she now applies to her weaving practice. Inevitability and restraint are key to Julia’s sensibilities. Through her brand Fili, she translates a personal weaving practice into a growing collection of forms updated seasonally through materials co-developed with workshops in her home country. She also enjoys taking photographs with her analog camera and designing sets for her brand.



“It is important to see traditional crafts being applied to the design world today. Through visionaries such as Julia, crafts can transcend eras and be preserved through relevant formats and design-led aesthetics.” - Roddy Clarke

"I love Julia’s work as wicker is such a beautiful natural material which she's creatively reinvented into new shapes and forms, and can see the skill and work that goes into each piece " - Fred Rigby

"I love seeing artist and designers breathing new life into ancient crafts such as basket weaving. Julia’s work has such a fresh perspective in the forms she creates. Room accessories that create intrigue like her mobiles and woven tea cups are the layers that every well designed space needs." - Ruby Kean


Lorenzo is an architect and ceramic artist, based in Porto Alegre. For his artworks, he uses the working title Obstaculo which is a project about ceramic objects, their possibilities of use and relationship with space. He makes colourful and organic inspired vessels and candlesticks that seem to have a life of their own.



"Lorenzo’s ceramics are like nothing I’ve seen before. They combine functionality and sculpturality in such a clever way and have an aesthetic and a life of their own. They could command any tablescape or mantelpiece with their jewelled colours and captivating textures." - Georgia Spray


Loreto Figueroa was born in the North of Chile in the 3rd region of Atacama. Two years ago she dedicated her practice to stoneware ceramics. She works by hand without the use of moulds and without a lathe. She’s interested in the fact that each piece is unique, half crooked, rare, wild; like the nature.



"I am completely captivated by the way that Loreto uses clay to create pieces that seem weightless, almost paper-like - as if they might dissolve or tip over at the slightest move or touch. They have such beauty in their minimalism and fragility. She is clearly inspired by the surrounding landscape of her home - the Atacama desert and I am transported to this magical land through her vessels. I would love to own one in my collection." - Georgia Spray


A recent graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art, Oscar works in textiles and printmaking to try to tackle the looming crisis of climate change. Sustainability is an important part of his practice and he has worked with natural dyes for the past 3 years. The purpose of his art is not to be the perfect answer. With sustainability and environmentalism at the heart of his work, he realises that what he makes may not solve the problem, but he hopes it will encourage people to spend more time thinking about the problem.



"I love Oscar’s wall hangings for their use of colour and texture, combined with their mysterious narrative quality. It’s exciting to see such a unique and assured aesthetic from this recent Slade grad. I admire his sustainable approach, with use of natural dyes, and that he’s challenging climate change." - Georgia Spray



Paola’s goal is to create a space between art and craft and to honor the traditional handcraft practice that requires time and patience. Instead of defining herself as a textile artist she’d rather be considered as a visual artist working with textile materials. In her work she wants to create a conversation between colour, shape, movement and texture while exploring and playing with different form compositions. The themes she’s mostly drawn to are symbols, rituals, memories, gestures, landscapes and nature. Lately she’s also exploring movement such as rising, floating and drifting.


"Apart from injecting a contemporary edge into hand crafted textiles, what drew me to their work was how versatile it was. For me as a designer, being able to integrate an artist work through various means, is an incredible thing to be able to do" - Christian Bense

"I can’t get enough of Paola’s embroideries which occupy the space between art and craft and challenge that pigeon-holing. I love her strong sense of design and composition and could see these highly graphic works translated across a variety of different mediums and environments within the Home space." - Georgia Spray


Born in 1992 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Xanthe studied Fine Art (Hons) at the University of Cape Town and then progressed into an MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy at Goldsmiths. Her practice is informed by the politics of aesthetics, and more significantly how the colonial history in Zimbabwe continues to manipulate aesthetic values. As a ceramic sculptor, she looks at reimagining the everyday and examining the subtle treason of objects. Through a sense of play, bright colours, mocking tone and exaggerated shapes, she tries to challenge the prevailing ideas associated with normalcy, beauty and refinement found in everyday, functional objects.



"I love the surprising scale of Xanthe’s work, they all look so fun and playful, just making you want to see and touch them in real life!" - Fred Rigby

"I am forever looking for sculptural lighting, something that makes an impact. Xanthe’s work instantly captured me as a designer and maker that really fulfills that need. The scale and playful use of form Xanthe applies to her work is just so joyful." - Ruby Kean

"You can't help but want to stare at these pieces. They bring colourful wildness to the interiors industry. I know each piece that Xanthe makes will be thrilling, and I can't wait to see it on Partnership Editions." - Charlie Porter

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