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Ali Bassett

Ali Bassett is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Cornwall. Ali completed a foundation in fine art at Cheltenham, later completing a Fine Art degree at Spike Island in Bristol. She has exhibited across Cornwall, Oxford, Somerset, Bristol, and London. Working on canvas, pieces are stitched together in a patchwork of imagery, figuration, and pattern allowing her to gently tell stories which she likes to be relatable to all.

"Folktales, morals and old wives tales, overheard stories and the proverbial wisdom of the superstition all influence my work. There’s a real beauty in stories handed down from generation to generation, words of advice as we make the same mistakes, repeat the same heartbreaks and share the same love and joy. The world around me always creeps into my work, a glimpse of the sea or the horizon, the fields, trees and streams all decorate my stories" - Ali Bassett

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November Drop 2023

“The autumn collection is a nod to the changing season. Two works are figures entwined with leaves, almost a last dance with natures growth before the winter. The leaves grow into the other painting as we come inside. Waiting for the river is about slowing down in winter and finding time to play games and have fun with friends. A rose is a rose is a rose is a line from the poem sacred Emily and a tribute to the painter Rose Hilton.” - Ali Bassett, Autumn
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July Drop 2023

Summer Portraits

May Drop 2023

"As I work, the seasons influence the light and colours i use. As mays beltane sees out the April showers everything is sunlit and lush new greens begin to grow. A busy dawn chorus sings in flowers popping into life that will soon turn the fruits in the summer sun." - Ali Bassett, As beltane brings in the sun.

Feb Drop 2023

"Winter Sun is a collection from the studio over January, long cold days, the sea icy in the distance, the sun hanging low above the horizon. evenings in with the fire burning and lamps lit. rain bringing rainbows and dreams of sunny days." - Ali Bassett, Winter Sun

The Artist Open Call Collection

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