Aline Gaiad

With her colourful, homely scenes, Aline Gaiad (born in 1979 in Rio de Janeiro, currently living and working in London) creates a playful, personal universe. She draws her inspiration mainly from her daily life, and the seamless integration of her home and studio strengthens this connection. Aline's love for art and design was instilled in her from a young age - both her great-grandfather and grandfather were talented painters and her parents had a deep appreciation for art and were avid collectors themselves. This environment nurtured her own interest in design and art. She particularly appreciates interiors that are cosy, welcoming and visually stimulating, and showcase a curated selection of art and design.

"I love the rhythm and the fact that each brushstroke is a result of a new decision. Moreover, I am convinced that pronounced brushstrokes and vibrant colours engage the viewer more strongly with the artwork. Colours stimulate our mood and can make the viewer feel good. I hope my work means spreading happiness and bringing joy to people’s homes."

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The Artist Open Call Collection 2023

“This collection is rooted in my deep connection to The Upper Room, a place of great sanctity and personal significance. In my mind's eye, I've crafted diverse facets of this room's essence, giving life to its patio, the delicate curtains, and its eclectic wallpaper, all from a perspective rich with imagination. These artworks are intended to immerse viewers in my imaginative interpretation of The Upper Room.” - Aline Gaiad, The Upper Room

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