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Anuk Rocha

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November Drop 2023

""The Joy of Color" draws inspiration from the colors I find around me in everyday life. Color is the driving force in my work, it is what excites me and helps me translate an emotion into a tangible expression. This collection is a dedication to the beauty of color, the healing powers it has on me and joy it has brought me throughout life, like a good friend." - Anuk Rocha, The Joy of Colour
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September Drop 2023

""A fleur de peau" is a french term for describing an emotion in which the skin of a flower is used as a metaphor for describing sensitivity. In this capsule collection I have discovered a new way of painting skin in which I try to capture the feeling of the above metaphor. The emphasis is on the skin, the velvet texture of a flower, its translucency and richness in color." - Anuk Rocha

July Drop 2023

"The travelling circus is a collection of introspective works, embodying symbols of fringe society, a way for me to explore my own uprooted identity. Creating these works was a journey for me, as I took a more expressive approach, pushing myself to connect deeper with my paintings. As a result I find myself with a collection of portraits and still lives filled with emotion, a little awkardness, sometimes hiding behind a clown mask and sometimes fully embracing my inner oddity." - Anuk Rocha, The travelling circus

Anywhere Out Of This World

""Anywhere out of the World" marks my recent move from Berlin to Marseille, and is based on a poem by Baudelaire.

The collection is an ode to the whimsical characters of the south, the joy and mystery of its people, the lush, wild nature surrounding us and the slow pace of the Mediterranean life." - Anuk Rocha, Anywhere Out Of This World

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