Chelsea Vivash

With a background in Fine Art, Chelsea later returned to study furniture design and making. Since then her practice has developed from an appreciation for the shape, colour, and texture of hand-crafted objects, often exploring the boundaries of function and non-function. Her most recent work combines her making skills with her love of drawing.

Chelsea's pieces are made with the traditional woodworking technique of marquetry. She uses veneer surplus from large-scale manufacturers, meaning that each piece is unique. She often works from her own drawn studies with skillful precision but also enjoys the element of mystery during the pressing process.

"My work makes light of the beautiful textures and patterns of wood grain. I want the audience to get up close and explore the details of the pieces. I’m bringing to life small offcuts of wood and allowing them to stand out and be appreciated by the viewer. I aim for the colours and shapes to bring a sense of balance to a room, I hope that my pieces are both calming and stimulating at the same time."

Chelsea is available for bespoke mirror commissions where you can choose your size, style and colour palette. For pricing and details please get in touch.

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The Home Open Call Collection

"A collection of handmade marquetry mirror frames created using natural and dyed natural wood veneers. The abstract shapes, textures and colours in these pieces are inspired by the offcuts that are a natural part of my making process. This collection features four new mirror shapes, designed and made with Partnership Editions in mind." - Chelsea Vivash, Reflection

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