Christabel Blackburn

London based artist Christabel Blackburn spent a year in Florence learning traditional drawing and sculpting techniques. She went on to study for two years at the London Atelier of Representational Art where she learnt to paint and continued to develop her skills in sculpting. Christabel won Portrait Artist of The Year on Sky Arts 2020 and has been commissioned to paint singer Nile Rodgers for The Royal Albert Hall. 

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Christabel's Style

Christabel’s most recent series explores the relationship between ourselves and our surroundings. With photographic stillness, her paintings capture moments experienced in everyday life, from a street scene to a lone figure in an art gallery. Through the use of tone and space, Christabel exercises this stillness with an instinctive ability to convey the psyche of her subject matter without facial expression, using minimal information.

Christabel finds solace, space and quiet in these situations in an increasingly busy and fast paced city, and it is these moments of stillness she seeks to encapsulate in her paintings.


Read about Christabel in The Times, following her recent victory on Portrait Artist of The Year on Sky Arts.

“Growing up in London I have always been an avid people watcher. By painting figures and architecture in the way that I do, I hope the viewer will get as much pleasure from these scenes as I do.” - Christabel Blackburn

Drop 2 - Spring / Summer 2020

"These works have been created during unusual circumstances, both at large and personally. All of them were painted in my spare room with my 3 month old at my feet. I would leave the house once a day for an evening walk and much of the subject matter was collected during these short outings. Others are scenes from what seems like another life, seen with a sense of nostalgia. The thinned oil paint on paper helps me to work quickly and with less intensity of colour, a direct response to my current circumstances and working environment." - Christabel Blackburn

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