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Elena Barber

Elena's practice circulates around ideas of recycling marks and gestures that exist within her drawings of places and memories, forming narratives of fragmented shapes composed on unprimed porous canvas. She has an ongoing fascination with fluid calligraphic strokes that evolve from personal notes and writings that make their way into her paintings. Her process and approach to painting is slow and meditative, balancing and harmonising compositions, whilst slowing the eyes of the viewer. She says "I try to balance stillness with movement of marks and shapes."

She completed an Art Foundation in her hometown of Falmouth, going on to study at Chelsea College of Art, graduating in 2019. She has been exhibited at TOAST (the sustainable clothing brand) in eighteen different spaces around the UK. She now lives and works in London.

"I often refer to my paintings as growing, I suppose with this I am acknowledging the influence of nature and time. The importance and inevitable cycle of growth, breathing, and passing on are all notions I consider when painting. Through painting, I want to give an appreciation of circular narratives" — Elena Barber

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"The drawings and paintings embody abstract unknown landscapes. The textures and brushstrokes mimic those that nature might leave on soil or sand. Gestural reflections of ephemeral moments and sensory experiences that shouldn’t be forgotten." - Elena Barber

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'Elena's work has a beautiful softness to it. I am immediately drawn to her subtle use of colour and form which dance across the canvas like leaves blowin in the wind' — Georgia Spray, Founder of Partnership Editions

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