Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot is an interdisciplinary artist whose art, design and illustrative works draw inspiration from all-things-interiors. Currently working predominantly with wood, Emily creates sculptural compositions that are as unforgettable as her amusing alias.


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Emily's Style

Her passion for spatial and 3D design is embodied by her construction of architectural “assemblages”, which are modelled on aspects of her day-to-day surroundings. Bright, colourful and faultlessly aligned, these contoured creations reflect an array of factual, fictitious and re-imagined buildings. They inhabit the curious space between 2D and 3D, intangible and concrete. 


Originally from Sheffield, Emily has lived and worked in London since graduating from Liverpool School of Art and Design in 2004. While continuing to develop her dynamic visual language, she dedicates time to her popular blog Muse & Maker, as well as engaging with an array of impressive clients such as the V&A and Somerset House. 


(Photography by Freya Clayton-Payne)

"Inspired by design history and architecture, places visited and spaces imagined my pieces are often about giving form to memories - they become a souvenir of a time, a place and a feeling” - Emily Forgot

Drop 4 - High Summer 2021

"'A room with a view' is a series of paintings and assemblages that focus on the interior and exterior. Surreal and abstracted imagined views are created from various apertures, playfully looking out but with a sense of being held within." - Emily Forgot, A Room With A View

Drop 2 - Spring 2021

"The Land maquette and assemblage series was developed through intuitive play with material elements to create compositions in a similar way to a sketch. In contrast to the architectural assemblage pieces this collection began with no preconceived idea of how the final artwork would take shape. Wooden shapes and colour blocks were instinctively re-imagined into new structures to create Land - forms of a fictional place." - Emily Forgot, Land

Drop 4 - Autumn 2020

"The series is inspired by the end of summer. I wanted to create work that would encapsulate a feeling of the days of warmth & sunshine. The colours I work with are often inspired by the seasons so i took the opportunity to create a small series that celebrates the moment in August before the autumn arrives. I hope Future owners of the pieces can keep a little bit of summer on their shelves or walls when the nights draw in." - Emily Forgot, Summer Sundays

Drop 2 - Spring / Summer 2020

Realised in isolation the research & making process undertaken to create the Souvenirs collection provided an an opportunity to travel elsewhere. For this particular series it began with a trip to early French modernism. Taking cues from the curves of Jean Royere's furniture, the graphic textiles of Eileen Gray and the sculptural monuments of the Martel brothers.

'Souvenirs' collages the spirit of these inspirations with personal recollections of trips away and places imagined - all when physical travel was not an option. The series gives form to these memories and muses. Creating a series of objects infused with the joy of escapism, a collection of souvenirs.

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