Frances Costelloe

Frances Costelloe was born and raised in North London. She has always been a maker inspired by her family’s skill in selling and restoring antique textiles and clothing. Working primarily in Indian ink on paper she uses free line drawing to revisit motifs such as the face, shells and the female form. 

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Frances's Style

Both her grandparents were painters and this fostered an environment where art and creativity were always of high importance. Her Statues Series for Partnership Editions takes inspiration from numerous trips taken with her baby to the V&A and their walks up and down the British Sculpture Gallery. Revisiting this space she is able to reinterpret these classical forms within a more modern context using her signature Indian ink along with other colourful re-imaginings. 


‘I have always found the V&A a great source of inspiration. When glazing ceramics I often look back on classical paintings and statues as references for my work. I enjoyed studying Classics at school and love all the secret meanings in the attributes and myths within these works. Having a small baby I found the statues a great source to draw from and the stillness of these pieces calming, which encouraged me to get back into painting’ 


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"The simplicity of a black line has kept me coming back again and again to Indian ink brush drawing. I also love working with Ultramarine blue and am experimenting with working on different coloured papers as a way of bringing new hues and tones into my work. I am currently working on a way of combining pastels and ink and am revisiting the theme of flowers in the same fluted vase. I recently hosted a series of Indian ink drawing classes focusing on the key themes in my work the face and still life. I loved watching the room interpret my favourite objects to draw from such as my collection of scallop shells and the new addition my conch." - Frances Costelloe

Drop 1 - New Year 2021

Taking time at home to work from life has been something I have really enjoyed. After taking this year off mostly to look after my baby it has been lovely to get back into drawing and use my colourful pastels to create vivid depictions of flowers and fruit from around the house. - Frances Costelloe, Spring Still Life 

This collection of ink drawings has allowed me to experiment more with colour in this medium and introduce flat areas of colour using acrylic paints in my studio. The whole theme is around looking to Spring, dreaming of parties and wanting to be together with my friends and family mostly around the dinner table. - Frances Costelloe, Dreaming of being together

Partnership Editions x MADE

We are thrilled to present our new collaboration with the leading online design and homeware brand MADE.COM on a line of exclusive limited edition prints, as well as a collection of original artworks that the prints were created from - available below. 

Work by six Partnership Editions artists are included in the collection stretching from figurative to abstract, architectural to watercolours. Frances Costelloe has created three exclusive Giclee prints in editions of 50. The framed works will be available from MADE.COM and will come framed with a certificate from the artist, and the original artworks are available exclusively via us, below.

Drop 3 - High Summer 2020

“For my first collection since having my new baby, I have revisited the theme of my previous statues series for Partnership Editions. This time I have focused on busts from the British Museum and Roman Corinthian columns. I love the extreme shadows that the light can cast across the stone faces of classical busts and have made the classical modern by using bright colours. I have enjoyed venturing into watercolours combined with water soluble pencils as well as my usual inks for these new works on paper. This collection has taken my painting to a larger scale than I have ever worked before and I have loved playing with varied tones of single colours." - Frances Costelloe, Classical Busts & Corinthian Columns, Portraits with Large Brushstrokes

Sold Artworks

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