Georgia Beaumont

Georgia Beaumont is a UK-based painter. Her work explores her own coming-of-age and the intuitive female spirit, using her practice as a tool to become ever more acquainted with her internal creative life force. The joyous feeling of the works and dancing botanical forms are apparent as a celebration of life itself. For this reason, observing life and capturing the spirit of nature, its symbolism, and its solace in its cyclical constancy is essential to her practice.

The English seasons and the curling structures found in its ubiquitous countryside greenery are an endless and rich reference point, seminal to her paintings. The floral forms are supplemented by intuitive brush strokes demonstrating a further kinship to the natural world and how it echoes our own internal ones.

"I create from nature as it has been something that I’ve always found myself returning to, whether to restore or inspire. It stirs the spirit. My forms and colours are distilled, altered and dreamed up versions of visual cues that I like to collect whilst walking outdoors" — Georgia Beaumont

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March Drop 2023

"These works are playful and light. They're tonic for the sometimes gloomy winter, and that strange passing from last year into this new one. They're calling in the arrival of Spring." - Georgia Beaumont

This collection is launching Wednesday 29th March. Sign up to get presale access from 7 PM Wednesday 29th to 10 AM Thursday 30th.

Drop 5 - Winter 2022

"When I create my works on paper, in particular the collages, it takes me to my childhood and whilst I'm in that place there's a certain freedom to create fantastical plant forms and be playful. These more impulsive compositions really help to inform my large scale pieces." - Georgia Beaumont, Paper Studies

The Artist Open Call Collection

'I love the rich tones and patterns in Georgia's work. Her organic forms have a life of their own, like serpents bursting out of the canvas' — Georgia Spray, Founder of Partnership Editions

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