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Holly Loader

Holly Loader is a mixed-media artist and painter living and working in Brighton. She received her BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2003. Having established a career within the arts, she returned to her solo practice in 2020 with a series of mercurial landscapes titled ‘Changes in the Instant’. Replicating the ancient practice of tempera painting, Holly sources and collects materials including lapis lazuli, wood ash, ultramarine, and chalk and mixes the paint by hand.

"Each work embodies the reactions and flaws arising from the unpredictable nature of the medium, evolving through a fluid succession of changes before settling into its final form." - Holly Loader

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May Drop 2024

September Drop 2023

“This new collection ‘A practice of alchemy’ was inspired by the alchemy of hand mixed semi precious and natural pigments. Reflecting a responsive and meditative working practice and embracing the flux and tension of the ancient practice of tempera painting.” - Holly Loader, A Practice of Alchemy

May Drop 2023

"Sourcing and collecting semi-precious, healing pigments such as Lapis Lazuli, South Downs chalk and wood ash, this new collection of paintings explores the alchemy of the ancient practice of tempera painting; mirroring its flux and fragility against our ever changing rapidly fragile and sublime skyscapes." - Holly Loader, Of Magical Thinking

Feb Drop 2023

"Taking a metaphorical approach to the simplicity of space and sky, her paintings act as meditative studies, exploring the tensions and flux of the relationship with the world of the mind and our ever changing and rapidly fragile landscape." - Holly Loader

The Artist Open Call Collection

'Her experiments with ancient techniques result in ethereal landscapes filled with movement and mood' — Katarina Matsson, Editor at ELLE Decoration Sweden and Podcast host

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