Ifada Nisa

Ifada Nisa is a self-taught artist based in Indonesia. Her degree in Architecture has shaped how she views spaces, both literally and metaphorically. Chairs and landscapes feature as the two predominant subjects in her work, both signifying a space inhabited by humans. The two interweave to create a setting that echoes the stillness and emptiness of spaces, capturing a moment that is made by humans, lived by humans and then left by humans too. She sees her work as a tool to communicate with her inner world and relay to the viewer through the means of storytelling.

“Nature has always been a muse in my works; the mountain and the sky, the trees and the moon. These elements are frequent collaborators in my exploration. Then comes the chairs, as these new kids on the block. I have piles of baking paper that are dedicated to sketches of chairs. Though I love to capture a setting, a moment, and tones, it also becomes fundamental to infuse a narrative into my work. The imagined narrative is what amused me to explore more into their world." — Ifada Nisa

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November Drop 2023

“Presence explores chairs as the main subject, trying to answer question: what does it mean to have a presence and how to blend it with the element of nature.” - Ifada Nisa, Presence
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September Drop 2023

“Exploring colours and moments using time as a token. What do we remember from a moment? I love how colours are our visual tools to define time: the colour of the sky, the colour of the leaves, and land, and autumn, even we dream in colours. Moments are fleeting, but colours live forever in our memory.” - Ifada Nisa, A Study of Time

May Drop 2023

"While some of the pieces in this collection are the continuation of my past concept, Trilogy Of Wind stands specifically for this month's drop. Still, a playfulness of what I've been exploring in all my work, adding a dialogue on the subject without erasing the mystery. Trilogy Of Wind is a satire and humour, mirroring my go-to approach when handling an apparent problem —the elephant in the room, with denial, passive, and pretence. The wind is wishful thinking. An object I borrow to name the cause of the inconvenience, but it's merely a hope: I hope it's just the wind and nothing more. The whole setting is a dance between the placement of the chairs, the place itself —the nature, and where to put the lines.

I always love the world of picture books, how the picture and the word mingle, completing each other in conveying the message. I took inspiration from it, and these pieces were my first experiment, a formula I will explore more for my future works." - Ifada Nisa, Trilogy of Wind

March Drop 2023

"When I think about this month's collection, I've finished a painting of falling chairs in pink. I just thought, "Oh, that was fun. Let's explore more." Pink is not my comfort colour. Often I find that pink is too bubbly for me, who is more comfortable with blue. I found this article from The Marginalian by Maria Popova, where she reviewed Mary Ruefle's book My Private Property, in which in the book, she paints the colour spectrum of sadnesses, one of which is pink sadness. I wonder how can pink be sad? So in this collection, I mixed pink with green, cream, burgundy, and tried to find its many faces, of course with the drama of the falling chairs. If 'On Falling and Pink' refers more to the humour: how to fall with style. There is also 'pink that is hopeful', 'pink that is lonely', winter pink, cheerful pink, and pink sadness in my version. How to give a touch into these narratives from the perspective of pink. It was hard, but I also have so much fun playing with pink and falling chairs." - Ifada Nisa, On Falling And Pink

Feb Drop 2023

"This collection was made during a period of blue. I contemplated a lot about what does it means to be strong and vulnerable at the same time. As my works always explores spaces, places, belonging, in this collection I try to look a bit closer to the intimacy of paradoxes: alone but enough, winter but not alone, dark but bright. Trying to find nuances of what it seems like two different ideas but they are actually at the same place; winter woman and warm moon." - Ifada Nisa, Winter Woman and Warm Moon

The Artist Open Call Collection

'Ifada’s works are so vast. They seem to tell a beautiful, mysterious story. Katarina:Nisa’s surrealist landscapes turns objects into subjects, leaving us with probing questions. What has happened here?' — Mollie E Barnes, Independent curator and Founder of The Residency

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