Joseph Dupré

Joseph Dupré is an artist and medical doctor, living and working in the UK. He studied at the Royal Drawing School, and explores a wide range of media, both 2D and 3D. Within sculpture, he has been most recently working in ceramics and bronze. His work is playful and emotive.

His artwork has been shown nationally as well as internationally, also winning the 2021 Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award in the Royal British Artists Annual Exhibition.

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Joseph's Style

Joseph is inspired by works with a strong sense of line and mark making such as Van Gogh’s drawings. His sculptural influences are Picasso, Gaudier-Brzeska, Rodin, Degas and Calder. He says ‘A theme that I look for in sculpture is humour and playfulness, something that Picasso masters wonderfully.’

When working on his sculptures he uses a German clay called Sculpting Marl which is particularly strong and resistant to cracking and warping. He also uses porcelain, which has a beautiful milky white finish. Whatever type of clay he uses he exclusively handbuilds and models his work, and generally decorates all his work unfired, then glazes and fires only once achieving his desired vibrant finish.

Shop by Collection

Winter Prints 2022

"Loosely based on the multiple nautical adventures in the book of Candide, this collection of prints also draws on the paintings of Alfred Wallis, as well as the ships passing by my studio window on a daily basis. I have sought to convey different moods of the sea, with broad brushstrokes and a vibrant colour palette." - Joseph Dupré, The Winter Prints

Drop 4 - Autumn 2022

"A collection of decorative and low relief chargers together with a continued exploration of Deltware inspired pieces." - Joseph Dupré, King Charles and The Chargers

Drop 2 - Summer 2022

"This collection continues my exploration into functional and non functional decorative delftware ceramics. I enjoy creating imperfect, playful pieces that are not taken too seriously, subverting 'proper' ceramic techniques, such as majolica, to my own ends. In creating this collection I developed an obsession with regal delft ceramics, with sometimes laughable depictions of royalty and nobility. The Orb of Achilles is my response to these pieces." - Joseph Dupré, The Chicken And The Orb

Drop 1 - New Year 2022

"This collection explores my fascination with nature, and the power of nature specifically.

Having moved to the Sussex cliffs, the stunning and dramatic scenery spills over into my ceramics, with the help of paintings from Alfred Wallis and Georges Braque, two continual and important muses of mine. My obsession with delftware is never far away, and returns to the forefront in Guercino with Flowers Urn." - Joseph Dupré, Cliffs and Cormorants

In The Flesh

This curation is on show at our exhibition 'In The Flesh'. It was on display at 105 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8NQ from 25th November to 19th December 2021.

This will be the first time that the artists of Partnership Editions have come together in a physical space since lockdown has lifted, and it celebrates the very fact that we're able to see their works in person again.

We embrace the many purposes of an exhibition: a way to unite artists and collectors, and an opportunity to engage with both people and art - something we've all been deprived of for too long.

The works in this exhibition have been selected based on their exceptional skill and power to communicate. See their colours, their textures, experience their emotions, let them get under your the flesh.

The Debut Home Collection

"In this collection I have been able to fulfil my desire to explore more animal sculptures, as well as making my usually non functional sculptures more functional, and giving them a set purpose as illuminators of a room or situation. They become like theatre props, a source of light and shadow." - Joseph Dupré, Circus Animals' Desertion

Harlequins & Heifers

"This new collection of ceramic work draws on a wide range of influences, from the figurative sculptures of Daumier and Gaudier-Brzeska, to the paintings of Picasso and Ancient Greek ceramics in the British Museum. The pieces are made from porcelain, and also a specially sourced German Sculpting Marl Clay, which is designed to withstand high temperatures, as well as the awkward sculptural contortions demanded of it.

The inspirations of the collection are multiple, encompassing the playful harlequin themes from the paintings of Picasso, as well as animal and fish themes, partly inspired by the oversized cow paintings from the Compton Verney Collection. The work aims to be joyful and humorous." - Joseph Dupré, Harlequins & Heifers


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