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Kara Marshall

Kara Marshall, also known as Tuft Luck Studio, is an English mixed-media artist. After having a newborn at the beginning of lockdown, and not having her past modelling income, she came across tufting and started creating textile pieces in collaboration with musicians and MTV.

Her imaginative, playful designs are inspired 70s pop culture, Western movies, vintage pornography, galloping horses, wanton women and cowboys which she beautifully translates in watercolour paintings. Similarly to her tufting practice, she fell in love with the textures she could create with the medium.

In just a few short months, her beautiful designs caught the eye of fashion houses and interior designers alike, as well as musicians Miles Kane and Jamie Hince.

"My main media is watercolour. I like to really create texture and movement and for my work to look like you want to touch it."

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The Artist Open Call Collection 2023

"With this collection I’ve combined cowboys and clowns together I love both styles as you can really exaggerate the clothing with the frilly collars to the pointed bobble shoes.This collection is free and fun and using bolder colours than usual style of sepia tones.

My influence was looking at vintage circus shows as they is some amazing poppy colours and bold patterns mixed in with my signature cowboy hat and shoes has created some really fun pieces." - Kara Marshall, The Show Cowboys

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