Lisa Hardy

Lisa Hardy is a fine artist living in Wales, taking inspiration from nature and the natural surroundings of her local countryside. Lisa captures and abstracts the essence of her environment with a lightness of touch using a mix of watercolour, pencil and pastel.

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Lisa's Style

Lisa has a skill for combining beautiful colour pairings with minimalist mark-making, creating organic abstractions that capture the essence of different seasons, scents, memories and flora and fauna that we associate with the countryside. Her work has a soothing and calming effect on the viewer, allowing us to each call to mind a different experience or mood brought about by colours and plants. Lisa Hardy studied at Winchester School of Art achieving a first class honours degree in Fine Art Textiles. 


After moving to London Lisa began a career in fashion where she worked as a PR Director for top luxury brands. After 15 years in London Lisa and her husband moved to Hastings to tap back into their creativity and where the countryside and gardens in East Sussex inspired much of Lisa’s work. Now living in a converted barn in West Wales, she responds to the diverse beauty in all flora with her unique emotive style of painting and drawing.

"The diverse landscape and beauty that surrounds me here in Wales is a constant inspiration. My work aims to capture a feeling, conveyed with loose, expressive, mark making. The work is largely driven by intuition; often I have no plan but just see where the process takes me." - Lisa Hardy

Shop by Collection

Feb Drop 2023

"This collection has a muted and ethereal wintery palette, inspired in particular by Henri Le Sidaner and his paintings at Gerberoy and Claude Monet’s Water Lily paintings. I approached each work with lightness and the dissolution of form, evoking a subdued and still mood in the garden." - Lisa Hardy, Shades of Winter

Drop 5 - Winter 2022

"This collection is inspired by the beautiful changing light of October. The palette and subtlety of colour is an attempt to evoke a momentary glimpse of the past, of what gradually fades away." - Lisa Hardy, Autumn Serenade

Drop 4 - Autumn 2022

"Always inspired by nature, I visualise imaginary gardens and flowers and to infuse my paintings with a rich emotional resonance. This collection naturally evolved from my last series of paintings but with more focus on layering paint to hide or reveal subtle details." - Lisa Hardy, Last Flower

Drop 3 - High Summer 2022

"I try to capture the fragility of flowers with layers of watercolour. These layers of washes, let form and colour reveal and hide itself, like fleeting moments in time." - Lisa Hardy, The Wild Flowers

Drop 2 - Summer 2022

"I study nature knowing that I am unable to fully grasp or duplicate it. Instead I want to fill the canvas with colour and light and say things that I can’t convey through words alone. Layers of washes, let colour reveal itself with simplified yet ethereal abstraction to immerse yourself within." - Lisa Hardy, A Hundred Petals

Drop 1 - New Year 2022

"I welcome this time of year with a mix of relief and hope, as the days lengthen everything seems possible. Inspiration comes from new signs of life in the garden; from new buds on branches, the first bulbs popping up through leaves, primulas returning to blooming flowers in vases. The beauty of flora is brought to life on paper with playful gestures and washes with hints of detail." - Lisa Hardy, Hope For Spring

Drop 6 - Winter 2021

"Forever Flowers Pt2 is a continuation from my last collection, each piece having a separate identity but yet all connected as part of a larger story. Thin layers of watercolour with subtle shifts in colour and form hint at the fading seasons." - Lisa Hardy, Forever Flowers Pt2

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