Loubna Rizqi

Loubna Rizqi is a visual artist born in 1993 in Rabat, Morocco, and is now based in Paris. After finishing her studies in computing and working as a software engineer, she explored all traditional art mediums as a way to look away from a computer screen. She discovered oil paint during this experimenting phase and developed her signature style.

In her latest work, she explores the interaction between light, architecture, and nature. Growing up in Morocco and later moving to France, the feeling of nostalgia is a big part of her practice. The fleeting aspect of time and place is more specifically what she aims to capture through the depiction of light, which is by nature constantly evolving. The architecture in her works acts as a blank canvas to paint light. She works with a palette of light and soft colours and likes to showcase the materiality of paint by making painterly pieces.

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Loubna's Style

Loubna’s inspiration is a mixture of very different artists from different movements and periods. She loves Sorolla’s treatment of Spanish coastal light on fabric.

She usually starts a piece from pictures she takes, using them as a base rather than a model. She then makes a sketch or study. She likes the texture of oil paint and how it glides over the surface of the canvas. It is also very forgiving which gives her freedom in her practice.

She has been featured in multiple group exhibitions, including Works on paper III and IV, Blue Shop Cottage, London (2021 and 2022); A Room Of Her Own at Irving Contemporary, Oxford (2022); and Really, Only Painting? at Breedlijn, Antwerp, Belgium (2022).

"Although the paintings of the collection are inspired by a specific location, they are voluntarily kept free from signs of location to invite the spectator to contemplate and create their own narrative around what may seem to be familiar summer memories. There is an intention to awaken the viewer’s own nostalgia." - Loubna Rizqi

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From the Land of the Sun

"This collection presents a series of 15 sunswept landscapes inspired by Moroccan scenes. The pieces showcase the unique mixture of architecture, light and palm trees in the area and explore the emotional depth of memories." - Loubna Rizqi, From the Land of the Sun

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