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Nathalie Jolivert

Nathalie Jolivert is an architect and artist originally from Haiti and currently based in New York City. Nathalie was always interested in art during her childhood and studied architecture and fine art at Rhode Island School of Design. Today, she paints alongside her full-time job as an architect.

For her small-scale works on paper, Nathalie likes to use fine point pens, while her larger scale pieces use acrylic paint. She has also worked with textiles and plans to explore more of this in her future collections.

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Nathalie's Style

In her artistic practice, Nathalie is influenced by the Saint Soleil movement in Haiti, and the works of Mexican muralists. The arches that often frame her work are inspired by the late Haitian artist Ismael Saincilus. Saincilus was from a small rural town in Artibonite where Nathalie lived for a couple of years. She strives to include a huge level of detail with a paintbrush that is inspired by how intricate Saincilus’ work is. 

In her debut collection for Partnership Editions, Nathalie is indulging in the idea of rest and relaxation. She says: “I feel mostly rested when I’m at the beach. Growing up on an island, and particularly in the dense city of Port-au-Prince, I always wished I had easier access to the sea. That was not the case due to poor public transportation systems and relying on skilled drivers to brave some of the hectic traffic and unsafe zones to leave the city.”

"I’ve been living in New York City for the past five years and have enjoyed finding myself at the beach with just a train ride. The beaches at the Rockaways and at Coney Island are not nearly as beautiful as those in the Caribbean, however they exhibit such a diverse tapestry of city dwellers craving for some sun and good times.- Nathalie Jolivert

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Drop 6 - Winter 2021

"In this series, I am inspired by the popular art from my native country of Haiti, and particularly the intricate paintings of the late Ismael Saincilus. The title Lierres et Amandes translates from french to Ivies and Almonds and refers to the consitent fluid pattern in my work. The wordings are a nod to the hand-painted signs on the colorful transportation vehicles of Haiti, the "tap-taps". The face studies in this collection are derived from various personal expressions." - Nathalie Jolivert, Lierres et Amandes

The Beach Goers

“When sky, water and sand collide” - Nathalie Jolivert, The Beach Goers

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