Rose Electra Harris

Rose Electra Harris is a London-based artist and printmaker based in South London. Growing up with an antique dealing father, Rose has always been surrounded and intrigued by antiques and textiles. Decorative objects such as vases, chandeliers, and free-standing baths are common motifs in her work. Her vivid palette and distorted images give these compositions a dreamlike quality.

Rose's manipulation of the print medium is clever and unique: she has mastered a deliberately sketchy and uncalibrated technique which gives her work an essence of transience and the surreal.

Rose's work is a celebration of design and beauty in everyday objects. She has a formidable eye for using surprising yet effective colour parings with a sureness and clear natural impulse.

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Partnership Editions x BIAS: The Artist's Slip Dress

"I’ve spent the last three months really focusing on drawing Spring flowers, in particular the brilliant parrot tulip. I love their full, scalloped, fringed, sometimes jagged petals in contrast to the smooth flowing leaves. I wanted to create a large, bold print, really encapsulating this time of year.” - Rose Electra Harris

  • The Wild Romance
    The Wild Romance
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Drop 2 - Spring 2021

"Having not painted using oils in over a decade, I've loved seeing how differently the paint moves especially on paper. Painting old friends (objects) in my studio, I've felt free to have fun combining both new and familiar techniques, espeically with markmaking and layering paints and colours. And we need bright colours this time of year!" - Rose Electra Harris, Carafe and Sunflowers

Drop 5 - Winter 2020

"These works are memories from the summer and dreamed interiors using pastels, ink, pigment, acrylic and collage." - Rose Electra Harris, Escape to this Place II

Drop 4 - Autumn 2020

"Where I’d normally spend half of my time in the printmaking studio, I’ve really loved re discovering my love for other processes, in particular painting. The last few years I’ve continued to use watercolour and inks but other than screen-printing, I’ve shied away from acrylic. I’ve spent this time making drawings of objects, plants, flowers and furniture from my studio / home and used collage, layers of paint and pastels to create new compositions with various textures and marks." - Rose Electra Harris, Escape To This Place

Islington Square

  • Azul Sold
    Azul  | Framed Etching | Partnership Editions
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