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Shaun Duke

Shaun Duke's portraits capture the essence of every unique collaboration with his subjects. Each encounter is an exchange of ideas, revealing stories of comfort and discomfort, confidence and shyness. With a keen eye and deliberate mark-making, Shaun skillfully portrays the psychological depth of his sitters, documenting intimate moments that celebrate their individuality above all else.

The impermanence of these sittings holds significant meaning for Shaun. Honesty is paramount, as he rarely erases marks and refrains from altering his works on paper after a session concludes. By preserving these instances in time between individuals, he believes we can uncover a genuine reflection of contemporary culture.

"My work is a documentation of time shared with someone, the moments that interested me about that person, and the way in which they inspired me to draw on that particular day."

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May Drop 2024

“A varied collection of paintings that integrates familiar motifs with fresh interpretations and bold compositions. I often take a pocket-sized sketchbook with me when I leave the house and make small 'notes' in the form of tiny, crude drawings of shapes and forms. These sometimes get developed into 'something more substantial', but I've recently come to like them in their immediacy and infancy, too. The shape paintings in this collection are a celebration of those tiny drawings, the seeds and structure of my process.” - Shaun Duke, Sown Seeds

November Drop 2023

"A small collection of autumnal paintings inspired by recent readings of traditional myth, investigations into North African design and a bolder fundamental approach to exaggerated form." - Shaun Duke, Notes and Sentence
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Fleeting Glances

"A collection of works made mostly in 2023, Fleeting Glances celebrates the merging of drawing, painting and human connection. Rejecting artificiality, each artwork remains untouched after the session, inviting you into the raw and honest moments of these intimate encounters." - Shaun Duke, Fleeting Glances

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