Sophie Glover

Sophie Glover lives and works in South-East London. Through her oil paintings, drawings and jewellery, she explores themes of love, longing and loss reflected through the eyes of the women around her. Sophie uses visceral colours and often depicts women resting, heavy as rocks, as a symbolic representation of solitude and resilience. Inspired by the memorial jewellery she saw growing up among jewellers on Hatton Garden, her Lover's Eye jewellery collection was released last year and the bespoke pieces continue to form a new and tactile side to Sophie's practice.

Sophie was awarded Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts and has been long-listed for the BP Portrait Award. She has undertaken several residencies as well as participating in multiple solo and group exhibitions across the UK, France and Sweden.

"Using bodily & vibrant colours to render still lives and portraits layered with symbolism, I explore themes of seasonal ritualism, caregiving and women.”

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Spring Prints 2024

“I painted these three women sleeping, heavy as rocks, as a way of depicting rest as a form of caregiving. I hoped the solidity of the form would describe a feeling of self sufficiency and love. Although rest is a central theme of the works I find the changing colour palettes lend a different meaning to each one and every time I look at the supposedly rock-like face, it seems to change!” - Sophie Glover
Discover The Spring Prints collection.

Lover’s Eye Rings

We’re excited to present Lover’s Eye Rings by Sophie Glover. Made to keep a loved one close, each ring contains a bespoke miniature watercolour painting of an eye commissioned by you upon ordering. Whether commissioning your own eye or someone else’s, to give or to keep, we can discuss exactly what is right for you.

For this collection, Sophie has designed three Lover’s Eye rings: The Decade Ring, The Valerie Ring, and The Ritual Ring. The hand-crafted rings are cast in gold using the lost wax technique and the hand painted miniatures, set behind crystals, are rendered in the light, feathery brush strokes that the original miniaturists used.

Learn more about the collection and watch the making process shot by Elena Bazu.

How to Bury a Crow

"This collection of paintings is about survival and revival. I have been depicting rocks and people as interchangeable objects for some time and when this led to a series of drawings of women sleeping, heavy as rocks, I suddenly saw a path to these works. My paintings give the women I depict a space to rest in. I make them as a way of exploring our growing understanding of both what it is to be women and what it means to be young in a time of national and geopolitical threat. Switching between the abstract and the figurative the works hinge around the colour red and a brushwork that presents its subjects as dense objects wrapping in around themselves." - Sophie Glover

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