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Soru Lee

Soru Lee is an artist and illustrator of picture books, based in Seoul, South Korea. She is interested in creating metaphorical content that focuses on the relationship between nature and the human psyche. In the way that children themselves experience the world around them, the images that she creates are intended to be intuitive. Her work is inspired by her deeply personal experiences with nature. Often spending time walking in the woods, these encounters allows her to dig a little deeper into her ego and clear her vision. She later translates these pure feelings onto canvas with the hope that what she creates can deliver an experience to the viewer that might be in some way encouraging or helpful in difficult situations.

"I hope my delightful and meaningful encounters are passed on to a person in need. Unexpected encounters are the beginning of a relationship. I would be grateful if people can, by chance, bump into my work and blossom a long standing relationship with me." — Soru Lee

Watch - Partnership Editions Presents: Mornings at Casa Balandra with Soru Lee

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May Drop 2023

"Among multitude of flowers, I will possibly see one, if I'm lucky. I don’t choose it, it comes to me and my day. When I am bringing it onto canvas, I feel like I am living in the moment to remember this flower." - Soru Lee

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Feb Drop 2023

"Every morning brings a sense of relief, like sleeping tenderly after safely returning home. The home is where the heart is. Beyond the horizon, the silently glowing sunrise slowly illuminates the world, bathing every petal in gold." - Soru Lee

The Artist Open Call Collection

'Soru's uncomplicated, beautiful works had a tranquil quality about them that I was drawn to. I could instantly see them up in my house' — Yomi Adegoke, Writer

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