Our Artist Open Call is live - Apply by 15th July 2024

Artist Open Call 2024

We’re delighted to launch our fourth Artist Open Call. We’re on a mission to break down the elitism of the art world and provide a platform for mentoring and building the careers of emerging artists.

Our Open Calls have been a core to this mission, providing a stepping stone for some of our most exciting and successful artists over the past couple of years. Our open calls have garnered international press and led to winning artists’ works being featured in private collections and hotels around the world.

We are inviting artists internationally, from any training or background, to submit their work with the chance of becoming a part of the Partnership Editions family. With the help of our Open Call Judges, we will be selecting a group of winning artists to have their work for sale in our Open Call Collection, launching on our platform in early October 2024.

Read about our 2023 Open Call Winners on Inigo.


As a selected artist, we will work with you to create The Open Call Collection, featuring a selection of yours and the other winners' artworks for sale, which will launch on our website on 2nd October 2024.

Partnership Editions will provide ongoing curatorial, marketing and PR support in the lead up to and launch of your collection on our platform.

You will join the PE family of artists which will give you a dedicated profile page on the website and the opportunity to participate in our busy schedule of drops, exhibitions and events throughout the year.

As a PE artist you’ll also be offered PR, marketing and industry support throughout the year to help you evolve your practice and reach new collectors.


The Open Call is free to apply and we welcome applications from artists based both within the UK and internationally. Artists working in any medium can apply.

Please apply with a link to your website and your instagram handle. You may also wish to send a PDF portfolio to support your application, or if you do not have a website or Instagram account.

If selected, we’ll work with you to curate the best selection of your work for Partnership Editions and discuss creating any new works for the collection.

You’ll find all the details of how to apply via this form.

Start your application


Applications open: 15th June 2024

Applications close: 15th July 2024

Winners Announcement: 2nd September 2024

Winners Collection Launch: 2nd October 2024


Alongside our founder, Georgia Spray, our selection committee is made up of artists, journalists and tastemakers in the arts and interiors space. They will use their expertise and excellent eye to help us unearth and shine a light on new talent.

Cassandra Ellis, Founder of Atelier Ellis

Cassandra Ellis is the founder of Atelier Ellis, a leading bio-based paint brand celebrated for its deep commitment to responsible stewardship and beauty. As a colourist with a rich background in decorative design, Cassandra crafts eco-friendly paints that inspire serene and natural living spaces, helping us tell our story of home and place. Her work embodies a thoughtful blend of artistry and environmental care. As a judge for this year's Partnership Editions' Artist Open Call, Cassandra brings her unique eye for beauty and appreciation for artistic integrity to helping discover emerging talent.

She says: “I’m interested in the ‘rootedness’ of someone’s work. I want to know and feel what they think and feel when they make or paint something. For me it isn’t about how long they have been practicing or what their art is. It’s knowing that what they make expresses who they are.”

FOLLOW: @atelier.ellis
Photography by Martin Morrell

Fiona McKenzie Johnston, journalist and Arts Editor of House and Garden

Fiona McKenzie Johnston is a writer and journalist specialising in art and interiors, and is the Arts Editor of House & Garden magazine - which, to her delight, involves spending time with artists in their studios, visiting artists and creatives in their homes, and exploring other areas of the art world.  She has an MA in History of Art from the University of St. Andrew’s.

She says: “Art is a crucial layer to any interior, and living with it can bring so much joy. I see and am interested in a wide variety of art, but am most often swayed by beauty, colour, and composition.”

FOLLOW: @fionamckenziejohnston

Jessie Cutts, Textile Artist behind Townley Terrace

Jessie Cutts is a textile artist using traditional quilting techniques to explore the possibilities and limitations of form and colour through fabric, creating modern abstract works. She works from her home studio, a room in her family's slow renovation which is filled with art and craft. The house (@townley_terrace) and her artwork has been featured in numerous books and magazines. Jessie previously had a 20 year career working as a graphic and communication designer, photographer and design consultant and studied Fine Art and Illustration.

She says: “I am looking to be surprised, to feel something and to want to keep looking back at the work. I love artwork that makes me imagine the person behind it and what they were feeling when they made it. Art is a window into another's life and experience, reminding us what it is to be human, so for me, one of the most important things in a home.”

FOLLOW: @cuttsandsons @townley_terrace
Photography by Jaron James

Lonika Chande, Interior Designer

Georgia Spray, Founder of Partnership Editions

Georgia studied History of Art at Bristol University, going on to work at leading art institutions including White Cube Gallery, Christie's and the Auction Room, a digital auction house at which she launched the Contemporary African Art department, and for art dealer Ivor Braka.

Tired of the elitism of the art world, in 2017 she founded Partnership Editions: a curated platform to connect would-be collectors with emerging artists.

She says: "I am remaining very open minded this year and look forward to seeing a variety of mediums. As I am in the process of renovating my own home, I will be thinking about art that I would love to collect myself and would enjoy living with and seeing everyday."

FOLLOW: @georgiaspra
Photography by Chris Horwood


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