The Artist Open Call Winners


We're very excited to announce the Partnership Editions Artist Open Call winners. We had over 500 applicants from all around the world, all of an incredibly high standard, so making this edit was not easy, and we are so grateful to all those who took the time to apply.

Alongside our founder, Georgia Spray, we called on our selection committee of tastemakers:  Eleanor Cording-Booth, Writer and Editor behind A Considered Space; Leo Bruno Todd, Artist and Co-owner of Little Mill AbergavennyGrace McCloud, Journalist and Editor at Inigo; Otegha Uwagba, Writer, Broadcaster and Consultant.

They've used their expertise and excellent eye to help us unearth and shine a light on new talent.
Meet our 13 winners and discover our panelists' favourite things about their work below.

The winners will have a brand new collection of original artworks curated by our selection committee, available to buy on Wednesday 25th October and to preview on 18th October. Sign up to be notified.




Alice Carr is a British Australian artist based between Edinburgh and Oxford. She has just graduated from the Royal Drawing School’s Online Drawing Development Year. Using thick layers, expressive mark making and various mediums she allows stories to emerge from within images, sometimes unsettling, sometimes humorous. Her work sits between observation and imagination, with elements of traditional and personal folklores creeping in and juxtaposed with mundane realities.

Instagram: @a.e.carr



"The haunting scenes and energy in Alice's paintings are very powerful, like a macabre folk tale, the story sticks with you." - Leo Bruno Todd



Aline was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a family of artists and collectors. She is known for her abstract, room portrait paintings and bold gestural marks that are always present in her work. Objects from her life, interior design and antiques are constant themes in her paintings. Aline works mainly with acrylics, favouring the immediacy of this medium for the process of building layers, and also turns to oil sticks and pastels.

Instagram: @a.gaiad



"There’s something almost recognisable in Aline’s interior portraits, yet they excite a curiosity in me. Whose scarf is that? What picture is on the wall? Who has just left the room?" - Grace McCloud



Chelsea’s creative practice is driven by experience - a type of solace that she seeks. 

After returning from travels through Kenya and India and existing in rural Artist In Residence programmes within these two spaces; her art practice has become an unpacking of memory and place, through colour, form and movement. 

Her latest works are memories from North West India and the complexities, similar to internal landscapes or a history of marks.

Instagram: @chelseaanneyoung



"I love the wildness of Chelsea’s expressive mark-making and the way she uses colour to immerse you in an abstract sense of place. Looking at her work, I can almost smell the spices of India and feel the heat." - Grace McCloud



Daniel Dzonu Clarke is a mixed media artist based in London of British-Ghanaian Descent. Growing up in London his passion for skateboarding led to a fascination with obscure architectural forms, and the way urban environments could be reinterpreted as spaces for play. He furthered his practice at Camberwell College of Arts, studying Illustration. Over the last decade, his work has been awarded by galleries and museums such as the V&A and the Barbican, and featured internationally in The New Yorker, Wallpaper, Penguin publications and more.

Instagram: @danieldclarke



"I love the variety of Daniel’s work, and his use of colour. His work is warm, evocative, and has a timeless quality to it that’s incredibly appealing." - Otegha Uwagba



Harry Wade is an abstract painter working out of Cornwall, UK. His paintings are expressive but also structural in nature. He tends not to extract or unpack specific meanings from them. Not because they’re lacking meaning but because the meanings are fluid. They acknowledge the changeability of meaning and this is foundational to what they are.

Instagram: @hittheroadharry



"Harry has an extraordinary understanding of composition and his paintings sit in my mind alongside those of some of my favourite artists: Cy Twombly, Sean Scully and, perhaps most strikingly, William Scott. But there’s an added moodiness to his works that really appeals. Colour, when it comes, is pure and punchy – and I like that." - Grace McCloud

"I first came across Harry’s peaceful paintings via Instagram last year and was thrilled to see that he'd entered his work into the open call. I love abstracts for their ability to pull a colour scheme in a room together and make everything in the space feel elevated." - Eleanor Cording-Booth



Ivan Kashdan is an artist living and working in London. He studied film at Bournemouth Film School before completing his MA in Fine Art Media from Slade School of Fine Art.

His work explores how the rules of one medium can transpose into another, using the principles of stop-animation and film through painting. 

He often works in large-scale boundless surfaces like murals, walls or stage flats allowing his paintings to be a continuous act of exploration.

Instagram: @ivankashdan



"I love the scale and theatricality of Ivan’s work. His use of colour and form is subtle yet impactful." - Georgia Spray



Jonathan Hooper is a painter based in Leeds. He grew up in the Chilterns and did his Art Foundation at Bucks College of Higher Education. He gained a BA in Fine Art (Printmaking) from Falmouth School of Art and Design, and an MA in the Social History of Art from the University of Leeds. 
His subject is the built landscape of the city of Leeds, and in particular the residential architecture of the suburbs to its north-west: Hyde Park, Burley, Kirkstall, Headingley and Meanwood.

Instagram: @hooperpainter



"Jonathan's work draws you in. There is something so familiar about the vernacular architecture he chooses to paint, and yet something otherworldly makes you feel unsettled." - Leo Bruno Todd



Kara Marshall, also known as Tuftluck Studio, is an English mixed media artist. After having a newborn at the beginning of lockdown, and not having her past modelling income, she came across tufting and started creating textile pieces in collaboration with musicians and MTV.

Kara takes inspiration from 70s pop culture and Western movies, which she beautifully translates in watercolour paintings. Similarly to her tufting practice, she fell in love with the textures she could create with the medium.

Instagram: @tuftluckstudio


"Kara’s playful work has a 70s feel, which I love. The themes in her paintings make me feel nostalgic about destinations I’ve never been to and a time I’ve never lived in. I’m rarely drawn to figurative or playful art as I can quickly tire of seeing it but something about Kara’s balloon-sleeved cowboys and neutral tones feels timeless." - Eleanor Cording-Booth

"There is a real joy in her work. Just looking at these paintings lightens my mood." - Leo Bruno Todd



Lené Ehlers is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She studied graphic design and completed a post-graduate degree in illustration. After falling in love with floristry she opened her own floral design studio while painting on the side. After exhibiting her work in a Cape Town gallery in 2020 she decided to focus on her art practice full time. She’s exhibited in multiple shows and works on bespoke commissions in a range of mediums.

Instagram: @leneehlers



"These works remind me of frescos or murals in old Indian palaces. The detailing and use of colour is exquisite" - Georgia Spray



Lucy Whitford is a London-based artist. Her practice is multidisciplinary, with a focus on ceramics and sculptural installation. Lucy’s work has been featured in numerous shows and publications since gaining her Masters in Fine Art with distinction from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her practice is rooted in a personal exploration of human connection and the study of clay. Lucy draws upon memories, objects and rituals that relate to the body, the home and the natural world to tell stories of fragility, strength and tenderness.



"These gorgeous sculptural vases are so unusual and very distinctive. I especially love the leaf-like shapes that adorn the top - I’d happily have these in my home." - Otegha Uwagba



Mary West is an abstract artist living in West London. She studied at The Slade School of Fine Art, where she developed her practice building richly oil layered canvases veering between abstraction and figuration. Mary draws on lived experiences of nature, exploring light, texture, space and atmosphere. She lives by the river, which provides a constant source of inspiration in her paintings. In her work, the paint takes on a life of its own through chance accidents and gestural mark making.

Instagram: @marywestpaintings



"Mary’s expressive mark-making is so beautiful and has so much energy and movement to it. You get lost in her paintings and which are both peaceful and turbulent, reflecting whatever mood you’re in." - Georgia Spray




Nathan Isaac is an artist and designer based in Newport, Rhode Island. His storied, mid-century imbued collage presents stirring imagery of the invisible and imagined with a connective energy. Each piece is expressively constructed from vintage and sustainably sourced materials, pigment-based inks, and natural adhesive.
Experienced by many viewers as emotive and musical in tone and 20th-century in voice, the works are often based in memory and identity journeys, liminal and universal in theme.




"Nathan’s paper collages look their most impactful when they’re displayed as a group as they complement one another so well. The Modernist forms conjure thoughts of iconic interiors from the past and I love how the artist works on book covers. The peek of colour along the edge frames each piece before it's actually framed." - Eleanor Cording-Booth




Peter Evans is a multidisciplinary artist from London, currently living and working in Brazil. In 2015 he was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award at Chelsea College of Art, graduating from the MA Fine Art course in 2016. He has since exhibited work at Saatchi Gallery and Palazzo Monti in Brescia.

His practice begins with the collecting of found objects and materials, items from the streets or private spaces that can be reworked and presented in new often abstract forms.

Instagram: @peterevans_____



"Peter’s work reminds me of some of the Expressionist greats, and I particularly love his use of texture. He also manages to convey a sense of story beautifully." - Otegha Uwagba


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