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Isabella Cotier

Isabella Cotier is an artist based in Dalston, born in London and raised in Florence. She is a modern day Flaneur - a continual observer of the people and passing moments around her, which she documents from life in her sketchbooks. She has a wonderful talent for capturing the humour, loneliness and tenderness of the human experience and in particular the experience of people living in the city.

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Isabella's Style

The sketchiness and impulsiveness of her line is paired with a very deliberate use of colour which often helps to reinforce a mood or bring to life the personality of her subjects. She has a clear interest in the clothes of the people as much as their expression or body language - perhaps one of the reasons that she has recently collaborated with Gucci on a range of “Street Style” t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as frequently creating artwork for Vogue. 

Her work is refreshing in the way that she profiles both ordinary and extraordinary people, but never “normal” or “perfect” people that we are so constantly privy to via social media or in glossy magazines. Her work is honest and relatable. 

Watch Isabella's video feature with House & Garden to step inside her studio, discover her influences and learn about her process.

"With my work I hope to achieve something honest and energetic" - Isabella Cotier

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Cafe Culture - An Exhibition by Isabella Cotier

This June Partnership Editions presents ‘Cafe Culture’, a solo exhibition by Isabella Cotier held at Lant Street Wine from 15th - 18th June.

The exhibition celebrates the long-standing tradition of cafe culture, something that Cotier has always had a fascination with as an avid people watcher and regular sketcher in cafes. Her collection of 81 original artworks has taken inspiration both from her local London ‘cafs’ as well as the cafes of Florence (where she lived before London), both attracting unique lively characters that spark the imagination. She revels in their quirky clothing choices, unique mannerisms and the tender relationships between people and their pets.

Winter Limited Editions Prints 2021

"I've always been drawn to what people wear, how they use shape and colour as extensions of their personalities. My drawings are often of people caught unaware, going about their business. I want them to reflect the energy of the moment." - Isabella Cotier, Street Portraits

May 2021 Prints

“These prints are both based on memories from my time in Florence that have stayed with me through the years. I suppose because I am missing the city due to the pandemic travel restrictions, it was easy to draw from nostalgia.

‘A Night At The Opera’ stems from when I saw La Traviata at the Boboli Gardens when I was younger, while ’Pink Balloon’ is based on a man I saw dressed in pink holding a single pink balloon in the streets of Florence.” - Isabella Cotier

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